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Life coaching is a purposeful conversation that facilitates action steps to move you forward from where you are to where you want to be. It helps you see things from a new perspective and make positive changes.

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Life Coaching for Breast Cancer Survivors

A cancer diagnosis can rock your world. It did mine. However, I learned that as devastating as a cancer diagnosis can be it doesn’t have to define you.

 If you are ready to move forward, discover self empowerment, explore new dreams and create new adventures, allow me to support you in the transition from surviving to thriving!

Professional Coaching for Massage Therapists

With more than 23 years of private practice experience, my mission is to inspire you, the LMT in creating a thriving independent practice and support you in successfully sharing your healing gifts with the world. I have seen too many gifted therapists leave the field or settle for underpaid jobs. Empower yourself today with coaching and create the practice you dream of! You deserve it!

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Massage and Bodywork

Find stress relief, pain relief, and healing with experienced, intuitive massage therapy and bodywork offered by Katrin Fink, LMT in SW Portland. She has been in practice for more than 23 years as an LMT. These years of experience have helped her develop skill and a strong sense of intuition which assists her in helping you relax, heal and recover from headaches, muscle pain, injuries, motor vehicle accidents, stress, illness and more.



“I know Katrin through her coaching services. She is incredibly intuitive and skilled at pinpointing blocks/barriers that are holding up progress with life goals. She is great at navigating to the right questions to get more insight into issues that we review. I also really appreciate her warm and empathetic style that is never pushy and is always encouraging. I find working with a coach provides me that extra motivation/inspiration to tackle what I want to accomplish rather than procrastination. I have worked with several coaches before and really prefer her style. Plus, she has an amazing background doing bodywork which has helped me immensely with health goals. I have seen her for a couple of sessions of craniosacral therapy work for TMJ discomfort and it has provided me with a lot of relief already in only 2 appointments! Highly recommend her.”

Becky G.

“I have been going to Katrin for years and recommend her to everyone I know. She is SUCH an excellent massage therapist with many tools in her tool belt! I’ve gotten help from her on issues of pain, frozen shoulder, anxiety, and the ravaging effects of chemo. As a breast cancer survivor I couldn’t recommend Katrin more in terms of her knowledge, expertise and gentle approach (but also deep-tissue work when you need and want it!). Katrin knows the body and has a deep understanding of the connected parts and their roles. She is also very kind and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her!”

Wendy C.



I want to share my experience with having Katrin facilitate the Bowen Work.

I love it!  I was skeptical at first about it.  I had a friend who had worked with Katrin and she told me she thought I should try the Bowen Work.  It had helped in her recovery after a car accident.  When I was lying on the table and having her touch or move certain places, I wondered how that was going to help anything with such light touches.  It is different from a massage.  But within a couple of sessions, I could feel a difference in my body.  It felt lighter, more flexible, less tensed up, etc. I wanted to move more all the time because it felt so good.  I have trouble with anxiety settling into my body and having it be tense all the time.  That isn’t happening nearly as much anymore.  And when it does, I can notice it right away and do something about it.  I have done several sessions with Katrin over the last few months.  I had a massage early on and then again just a little while back.  Both Katrin and I could feel a huge difference in my body from the previous massage to this last one from doing the Bowen Work.  Again, it wasn’t as tense and tight.  I highly recommend that people try it and see what Bowen Work can do for you!

Suanne J.

Katrin’s expertise is a vital part of my week. I am grateful to have found Katrin because she has helped me understand and manage the tension that accumulates in my body in the context of a meaningful but demanding career. She brings calm and peace in her approach; her massage and craniosacral work are masterful. I’ve also benefited from Life Coaching sessions with her, which have taught me to consistently prioritize my health (physical, mental and spiritual) for the first time in my life. She’s also great at maximizing insurance benefits to cover costs!

K. N.



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